Kiteboarding: Rules-of-Navigation – Ride with Blake: Vlog 37

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Estas son las reglas, pero debes saber que no todos los kiter las siguen o saben lo que son. Si ve a alguien que no sabe lo que está haciendo, infórmele amablemente de lo que ha aprendido en este video para que todos podamos estar seguros. No esperes que otros kiters se salgan de tu camino, puedes verlo observando el movimiento de sus cometas mientras se acercan a ti si te van a respetar o no.

These are the rules but you should know that not every kiter follows them or knows what they are. If you see someone who doesn’t know what they are doing just kindly inform them of what you have learned from this video so that we can all be safe. Don’t expect other kiters to get out of your way, you can tell by watching their kite movement as they approach you if they are going to give you respect or not.


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