North Kiteboarding Academy Teaser

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Ya está aquí la academia de North Kiteboarding para todos aquellos que aún no han podido desarrollar todas sus habilidades y capacidades para hacer kite en todas sus diferentes modalidades. ¡Estará disponible online a partir del 18 de Octure!

Can you remember when you first got hooked on Kiteboarding? That feeling of wanting to spend all your time on the water? Dreaming of that first jump, riding strapless, even getting up on a foil? We do! At North Kiteboarding we are all about giving back to passionate riders across the globe, striving to ensure that they always have the ride of their life. Understanding that everyone want to progress and improve, we’re stoked to bring the Kiteboarding community the new North Kiteboarding Academy. Online and available on the 18th of October!!!

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